Procedures at the Cricket Hunt School

Registration Procedure
Registration for each school year is open on February 10 for children and families who are new to Cricket-Hunt School. Enrollment applications are accepted on a first come-first serve basis and are processed as received. With a maximum class size of 12 to 15, there is a certain possibility that classes will fill quickly. If you register after a class is full, your child will be placed on a wait list for an available spot at their appropriate grade level.

Please return a completed Application, Enrollment Fee and a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate if you wish to reserve a space in a classroom for next year. The enrollment fee for a new student is $250.00. This fee is non-applicable towards tuition and non-refundable.

Second Child Discount
If you are enrolling more than one child in your family, Cricket-Hunt offers a 10% discount on tuition for each additional child registering. A separate application and medical history needs to be completed for each child and siblings must reside in the same household to qualify for the discount. The enrollment fee of $250.00 should accompany each individual application.

Please note, if you are placed on a wait list, your $250.00 enrollment fee is still required. If we are not able to enroll your child in a grade appropriate classroom due to space restrictions, your enrollment fee will be refunded.

Important Notes
Being on a wait list does not automatically ensure placement in a classroom. Priority is given to families who have paid their enrollment fee.

If you are interested in our after-school Enrichment Program, you must contract separately for the time you need. It is possible however to combine payments to both programs if you prefer. Please see the Director if you would like information regarding our enrichment program.

Record Keeping
Academic and personal information is collected and records are maintained to promote the instruction, guidance and educational progress of our students. Folders containing the cumulative records of all students are kept in the main office. Parents have the right to inspect and review all student records directly related to their child. Records can not be removed from the school, but photocopies will be made available with a 24 hour written request and a $10 copy charge.

Please notify us if you are planning to move so that we may prepare the appropriate paperwork to maintain up to date records. Parents of students leaving the Cricket-Hunt School, must complete a release of records form which may be obtained at the school office.