The Cricket Hunt School Staff


Michele Bois-Gilbody,
Director of Cricket Hunt School
Prior to opening Cricket Hunt, Michele was a public and private school classroom teacher for more then 15 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education & Speech Therapy and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration. Michele has worked with children for most of her adult life. She is completely committed to the education of both children and adults, and she views education as the beginning of a journey for the families who attend Cricket Hunt.

Michele works to combine current research and past practice to create a learning environment that is appropriate for all children.”We have brought creativity, joy, and fun to the classroom and the process of learning,” she says. “I am very proud of all we have accomplished over the last ten years. We are successfully providing a strong educational foundation for our students and their families, creating the thriving community that has become our school.”

Teachers & Staff

Kat Gillies
Visual Art Teacher
Kat holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in 3D/Ceramics and Art History (with Honors) from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She founded Maine’s own Bread and Roses Art Collective and does outreach in schools, community centers and hospitals. Most recently, she served the Brooklyn Center for Ethical Culture in Brooklyn, NY. Kat designs and implements art programming for 4-12 year-olds, with an emphasis on collaborations, roots of the elements, principles of design, and advocacy of the liberated moment “swallowed whole.” She says the children at Cricket Hunt “are constantly in pursuit of creative fun and ideas which is on playback to what they love doing with materials and aesthetics. We look forward to experimenting with murals, nature looms, masks, gelatin printing, cianotype, felting and wheel throwing. We work with the seasons and dip into the classroom curriculum for holistic balance.”

Kat is also director of a summer art programs on Cousins Island, in Yarmouth, called Island Art Attack and works year round at the Community House and public schools in Yarmouth. She sits on the advisory board and presently serves as program coordinator of Firehouse Arts.Kat has a lovely 23 year-old daughter, who is public policy coordinator for Resilience Advocacy Project in New York City, and an equally lovely son who is finishing his Bachelor’s degree at B.U. while running a brewing and tee shirt business.

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” – Einstein




Matt Loosigian
Music Teacher
Matt has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bowdoin College, with a major in biology and a minor in music. He has spent the last six years as a music teacher and children’s performer. His CD, Hungry for the Sun, has received much praise as being enjoyable for adults and kids alike, and it won a Kids Music Award in early 2011. In addition, local families may be interested to know that he performs at children’s birthday parties! Matt lives in Harpswell with his wife, Eli, and son, Micah.



Linda Ashe-ford
Pre-Kindergarten-K Teacher
Linda has been teaching for over thirty years and has been at Cricket Hunt for almost a decade. Despite having been a teacher since she “was knee-high to a turtle,” as she jokes, Mrs. Ashe-ford has maintained her passion for the profession and keeps her classes fresh and engaging. She has a master’s degree in Education and an undergraduate degree in Theatre and Communication.

She once combined her theatrical skills with her love of children as a performer in children’s theatre, and her on-stage skills still serve her well as a teacher today. She raised two children with her husband, and they both now have a grandchild who attends Cricket Hunt School.





Ashley Blake
Infant Care Teacher
Ashley began at Cricket Hunt in the fall of 2011 as she was working to finish her associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Central Maine Community College. Since then, she has enriched the lives of our Pre-Kindergarten, Transitional Nursery and After Care students as a versatile teacher of all three groups. Prior to winning the hearts of Cricket Hunt students, Ashley served as a floater, lead toddler teacher, and lead preschool teacher at other schools. “I truly enjoy working with children,” she says, “and believe that they are willing and ready learners eager to soak up information like sponges.” She and her husband are the proud parents of a lovely baby girl. 



Desirae Douglass
Infant Care Teacher

Desirae holds an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Early Childhood Education and has worked professionally with young infants, toddlers, and children since 2010. Before graduating from Central Maine Community College in 2012, she served as full-time float teacher at Sunshine Children’s Center. After graduation, she became Lead Toddler Teacher at Toddle Inn Childcare. Working with infants and children is her true calling.


Melissa O’Connor
Transitional Nursery II Teacher
A Freeport native, Melissa has been in the field of child care for most of her adult life. She worked as a child care manager, toddler teacher and full-time nanny before beginning at Cricket Hunt in 2006. Melissa frequently brings joy, positivity, and baked goods to her students as they learn and grow in her class. She and her husband are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. 


 Sarah Ouellette 


Sarah Ouellette 
Nursery School Teacher

Sarah Ouellette holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Maine at Farmington and is a proud mother of two girls.

hannah gilbody


Hannah Gilbody 
Transitional Nursery II Teacher

Hannah Gilbody is the lead teacher of our Transitional Nursery I room. Miss Hannah is a proud mom working towards a degree in Early Childhood Education and brings with her seven years of experience in the field. 

 Deb Small


Deb Small, Transitional I and Float Teacher

Deb Small is a Certified Nursing Assistant who has worked professionally with infants, toddlers and preschool ages since 2010. Deb joined the staff in 2014 to work with the Transitional Nursery I class and float between infant, toddler and preschool classes. In addition to working with children, Deb loves the outdoors, cooking/baking, gardening, and being with family. She has two children, two grandchildren, and lives in Yarmouth with her husband.