After School Programs

After School Care

After School Care time is available from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM for families needing to extend hours on a regular basis. The fee is $7.00 per hour. After School Care must be contracted on a regular basis so that we may insure appropriate staffing ratios.

After school time is open ended. Children are offered a snack, free play or project time. Homework help is also available for older students. Families enrolled at Cricket-Hunt, as well as from the wider community, participate in our programs. It is a fantastic option for working families.

* After School Care Program Information (View PDF)

NOTE: You are paying only for those days that you have contracted for and that Cricket Hunt School is in session. The monthly figure cannot be discounted when your child is absent from the program due to illness/or personal reasons because we continue to reserve a space for your child.

Emergency Care

Although we do not offer a service that provides for “drop in” care, we do understand that unforeseeable situations do occur occasionally. If you need extended care hours (that you have not contracted for), and have exhausted all other sitters and resources, we may be able to accommodate your child depending on whether or not we meet ratio guidelines. The fee for Emergency Care is $7.00 per hour. Please call the office when you need to arrange for Emergency Care.