Outdoor Activities

Physical Education Program Goals

Our goal is to create opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge needed to be physically fit and take part in healthful physical activity on a regular basis.

We assist students in developing their motor skills and encourage the practice of these skills to enhance their movement and physical performance.

We address LocoMotor (movements from place to place) and Non-LocoMotor Skills (moving in place). We model and expect students to exhibit responsible social and personal behaviors in a physically active setting, such as waiting turns, being respectful of personal space and good sportsmanship.

tree planting

Fruit Tree Orchard 

In 2011, students at Cricket Hunt School helped plant an orchard with ReTreeUS, a non-profit project of United Charitable Programs that installs educational orchards and leads interactive programs with schools in Maine. The partnership between Cricket Hunt and ReTreeUS allows for students to work together and feel a sense of accomplishment as they learn to understand the importance of good nutrition and a healthy planet.